Our Team

Melodi started in healthcare almost 35 years ago as a medical technician, EMT and volunteer firefighter. After becoming a Registered Nurse, she spent many years working in the Emergency Room as well as gaining experience in critical care. During that time, she also became exposed to Occupational Health and has been in that field for 14 years. Feeling a connection to taking care of people that spend their days working to make things for all of us, Melodi decided to begin working full time as an Occupational Health Nurse for an area factory where she was able to help others as well as to learn a great deal about EHS. After over ten years in that position, she saw the opportunity to help other factories and industry that needed the expertise of a dedicated nurse but didn’t have the resources to provide one full time in-house. That led her to assembling a team of healthcare providers to offer such services to underserved industries throughout the region. Afterhours, Melodi enjoys travelling, doing volunteer work, and spending time with family.

Melodi primarily covers Barren, Butler, and Warren counties.


Austin began helping others as an EMT and volunteer firefighter in Warren County over 10 years ago. Since then, he has continued to grow, becoming a paid career firefighter, hazardous material technician, and receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing over six years ago. Since then, he has gained experience in Emergency Medicine, Special Event Medicine, and has been in Occupational Health for four years. Part of his interest in Occupational Health is from his parents who have worked in industry for 35 years. Austin is also an instructor in First Aid, CPR/AED and other more specialized medical courses. In his downtime Austin enjoys working out, white water rafting, being outdoors and travelling.

Austin primarily covers Warren and Simpson counties.


Brandon has been serving WPH as an Occupational Health Specialist for two years. Brandon is also a Critical Care Paramedic and has been in EMS for 10 years working as an EMT and Paramedic after attending Owensboro Community and Technical College. During his career he has worked in Kentucky and Tennessee. In his time off, Brandon is a part-time EMS educator, and loves to spend time with his wife, little girl, and their four dogs.

Brandon primarily covers Warren and Simpson counties.


Courtney has been a nurse for 20 years, with 14 years of that spent working in a busy Emergency Room. An interest in women’s health and children moved her to becoming a nurse midwife. She has seven years of experience working in occupational nursing in the Bowling Green area. She, her husband, and children live in Butler County. Outside of work she enjoys spending time with family and travelling.

Courtney primarily covers Warren and Butler counties.


Jim became an EMT and volunteer firefighter 38 years ago and a couple of years later became a Paramedic. Jim continues in EMS now as a Critical Care Paramedic and EMS instructor working in Kentucky and Tennessee. Nineteen years ago, Jim became an RN and has worked in various settings providing care as a nurse, including eight years in Occupational Health. After becoming a nurse, Jim recognized the importance of prevention and safety and went back to school to get his Master’s Degree in Public Health. He is currently finishing a certificate program in EHS. In addition to serving as a faculty member in collegiate Nursing and Emergency Management programs, Jim recently began working as a Safety Manager in a regional college’s Department of EHS. In his free time, Jim enjoys spending time with family, travelling, studying, and doing volunteer work.

Jim primarily covers Barren, Butler, and Warren counties.


Emily received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing over six years ago. Since then, she has practiced in Pediatrics, Gastroenterology, and Case Management. She has been working in Occupational Health for three years. Emily also became certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and has used that knowledge practicing in Special Event Medicine. When not working, Emily likes to hike, workout and travel to tropical vacation spots.

Emily primarily covers Warren and Simpson counties.


Will has been with WPH for two years as an Occupational Health Specialist. He was raised in Scottsville, Kentucky by two hard-working parents who were both employed in the industrial field. Being raised in a household with two strong and determined workers, it was ingrained in him to do the same. Will’s younger brother is currently employed with a local industry, continuing the industrial profession. Will cares for those that work in the industrial field as if they are family, because in a way they are. Will currently works as a shift Lieutenant and Critical Care Paramedic with an EMS in Tennessee. Before that, he spent a total of eleven years working in hospitals and EMS in Scottsville and Bowling Green. Throughout his medical career, Will has thrived in the fast-paced work environment and feels it has allowed him to grow, learn, and teach others in the field of patient care.

Will primarily covers Allen and Sumner (TN) counties.


Luke has just begun his journey into healthcare and will soon be taking class to become an EMT. He recently graduated from WKU with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Right now, he handles various administrative duties for Premier Workplace Health. In his spare time Luke enjoys reading and travelling.